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Six Month Smiles

What if we told you that you can straighten your smile by your next professional cleaning?

Modern dentistry has developed a lot of solutions when it comes to straightening your smile. There are standard two (or more) year braces, or you can choose Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is available at our office, and this straightening solution provides excellent results in far less time than those other methods. Average treatment times are about six months, which is how this treatment got its name. While metal braces can take as long as two years to transform your smile, Six Month Smiles accomplishes the same cosmetic goal in less than half the time. Why wait to enjoy your smile?

Six Month Smiles is an easy comfortable way to reshape your smile. It provides a more cosmetic look than traditional metal orthodontics by using tooth-colored materials that are barely visible. Most adults with minor smile misalignments will find that they are viable candidates for Six Month Smiles. Quick, comfortable, and nearly invisible, Six Month Smiles offer you all the best traits in smile-reshaping orthodontics.

What can cause misaligned teeth?

What types of misalignment problems can Six Month Smiles correct?

Straighter teeth not only help you feel better about the look of your smile, but they’re also more functional. Over time, misalignments can lead to problems with TMJ pain, and spacing between teeth leaves you exposed to greater risk of dental decay and gum disease. Six Month Smiles isn’t just great for your appearance – it’s great for your health, too.

Six Month Smiles works quickly, but this doesn’t mean that it’s uncomfortable. In fact, Six Month Smiles relies on a low level of force to change the shape of your smile, making this orthodontic treatment very comfortable.

To learn more about Six Month Smiles and whether or not this treatment will work for you, contact our office in Dothan, AL.


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