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Frequently Asked Questions

Pursuing important dental care can feel overwhelming at times, which is why the Dothan Cosmetic Dentistry team is always here to answer any questions our patients may have. Below, you’ll find several of our most popular FAQs, conveniently compiled in one place for easy access. Are you not seeing the information you need? Please contact our Dothan, AL office directly so that Dr. Gaunt or a staff member can directly assist you.

How often should I be going to the dentist?

In most cases, Dr. Gaunt will recommend two checkups and cleanings a year, or one per every six months on average. These visits will help us monitor the health and wellbeing of your smile on a regular basis. We can also pinpoint any concerning changes or damage that may appear early on so that any harm is kept at a minimum.
If you are struggling with excessive decay, the presence of periodontal (gum) disease, or some other extenuating circumstance, more frequent visits may be ideal.

How can you help me improve the way my smile looks?

Aesthetics-based treatment is a crucial part of our practice’s offerings – in fact, it’s right there in our name! Dr. Gaunt will be happy to help you determine your ideal smile transformation by picking from a wide variety of cosmetic services. Possible options include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, porcelain restorations, gum recontouring, and more.

I want straighter teeth, but I don’t want to have to wear noticeable metal braces. Is there another option?

Absolutely. Our practice offers Six Month Smiles as an excellent alternative to the traditional orthodontics model. This modern treatment focuses on only shifting the teeth that show in your smile, which greatly reduces the overall length of the procedure. The components are also either clear or tooth-colored, which helps them blend in nicely with your natural smile.

My gums bleed when I brush and floss. Should I be worried?

Oral bleeding is virtually always a sign of a serious problem. The most common cause of it is periodontal (gum) disease, which is a gradual infection that starts out small but can quickly worsen until your healthy teeth and jawbone are at risk. Please don’t hesitate to schedule a visit at Dothan Cosmetic Dentistry if you notice this symptom on a regular basis. Dr. Gaunt can thoroughly review and diagnose your condition.

Going to the dentist’s office makes me nervous. Can you help?

Yes. Dr. Gaunt is well-known for being able to help even highly phobic patients have a genuinely relaxing care experience. In addition to our team’s comforting demeanor, sedation dentistry is available here in Dothan to create a deep sense of relaxation throughout treatment.

Do you see dental emergencies?

We do! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in the Dothan, AL area and struggling with a severe dental injury and/or pain. Dr. Gaunt will do everything he can to accommodate your emergency right away so that you don’t have to wait long for relief.