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With technology and amenities, Dothan Cosmetic Dentistry gives patients a reason to smile.

Looking for a healthy, beautiful smile? Dothan Cosmetic Dentistry is a good place to start. One way that we set ourselves apart is by using some of the latest dental care technology making our care complete.

Over the past few years, dentistry has benefitted greatly from technological advances. We have access to natural-looking, stronger and more durable materials. Digital X-rays and cameras help us see exactly what’s going on inside and outside of your teeth and gums, and we use medication delivery systems to improve patient comfort. And while we don’t run out and acquire every new system on the market, we do make a commitment to investigate those tools that will improve our patients’ comfort, our ability to make accurate evaluations, diagnoses, and our overall office efficiency.

What are some of the technologies you’ll find at our office?

While making sure you receive top quality dental care is priority number one, we also care a lot about your general comfort. We offer massage chairs, blankets, headphones, and oral conscious sedation to help you find ease and relaxation when visiting our office for your dental appointments.

Dr. Geoff Gaunt and our staff are always here for you, giving excellent dental care with a friendly touch. We never overbook our office, preferring to make things run smoothly so that you have a good experience every time you’re here. We maintain a small, caring environment, and people often comment that our office doesn’t feel like a dental office.

Located in Dothan, Alabama, our dental office serves patients in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Interested in experiencing the smile of your dreams provided by a dental office where your comfort matters? Contact Dothan Cosmetic Dentistry for an appointment today!