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Nightguards with NTI and TMJ Therapy

TMJ dysfunction is often caused by an off-bite relationship that contributes to teeth clenching and grinding, especially at night. Clenching and grinding will activate and aggravate the TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, as well as the muscles in the jaw, face, head, neck, and shoulders, leading to chronic pain problems. With an NTI nightguard and TMJ therapy, you can escape the pain of TMJ dysfunction.

The NTI nightguard can be used for TMJ therapy and the treatment of:

The NTI nightguard helps to reduce strain on the jaw joint, protect teeth, and relax the muslces. Repositioning the bite for proper placement, the NTI nightguard provides TMJ therapy by holding the joint in the ideal position for optimal relaxation.

NTI Nightguards and TMJ Therapy for Headaches

When you clench your jaw, it actually strains the muscles that run up to the top of your head. This will cause chronic headaches and migraines, which can cause life to feel unbearable. By alleviating the pressure and strain associated with clenching, the NTI nightguard for TMJ therapy can help get rid of your chronic headaches and migraines. For those who suffer with debilitating migraine headaches, that's sweet relief indeed!

To experience headache and TMJ pain relief, contact Dothan Cosmetic Dentistry. Visit us and begin exploring your TMJ therapy options today!