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Tooth Replacement

We offer dentures, partial dentures, and fixed bridges, making sure you can find the tooth replacement you need.

No matter the cause of your tooth loss – dental decay, gum disease, injury – you will want to find an appropriate replacement method. Tooth loss negatively affects so many aspects of your life. It can hinder your ability to get proper nutrition, make you embarrassed to smile in pictures, and change the overall shape of your face. It can lead to further tooth loss affecting the ability of your mouth to function properly and comfortably. We offer different forms of tooth replacement to make sure you can have a healthy, complete smile.

Dentures and Partials

A good quality denture that fits you well can help you maintain a more youthful look, make it possible for you to enjoy all the foods you love, give you a greater sense of self-confidence, and give you less reason to feel embarrassed by slippage. When a denture or partial doesn’t fit well, it can lead to a number of uncomfortable and embarrassing problems. We also offer mini dental implants to provide patients with implant-retained dentures, which makes for an even more stable and comfortable denture wearing experience. With mini dental implants, it may be possible to remove a large amount of acrylic on the upper denture, allowing better feel, taste, and more enjoyable eating.

Partials can also be made more stable by using snap attachments to secure them to existing teeth. If you’re looking for dentures and partials that will fit great and feel good, contact Dothan Cosmetic Dentistry.

Fixed Bridges

Another form of tooth replacement available is fixed bridge. Unlike dentures and partials, fixed bridges are not removable. They are retained by your own teeth – crowns on either side of the bridge of replacement teeth affix to your remaining teeth to give your fixed bridge stability and a comfortable feel. A fixed bridge can restore your smile when missing teeth have interrupted oral function and beauty, giving you the ability to chew and speak without worry of people noticing missing teeth. We highly encourage anyone who is missing even a single tooth to explore tooth replacement options such as fixed bridges with Dr. Gaunt because missing teeth can have a very negative effect on your overall oral function and bite. Other teeth will begin to shift and move in response to the empty space. Fixed bridge is one way to replace teeth and counteract this problem.

Learn more about your tooth replacement options by contacting Dothan Cosmetic Dentistry for a free consultation. Giving our patients high quality dentures, partials, and fixed bridges is important to us – we’ll make sure your smile is sturdy and strong at every stage of life. We are happy to help you find the tooth replacement you need for a healthy smile.