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Sedation Dentistry

Overcome the dental anxiety that keeps you from experiencing optimal oral health with sedation dentistry.

Just one bad experience, especially early in life, can make you anxious whenever it’s time to visit the dentist. For many, dental anxiety is so strong that they avoid the dentist altogether, which contributes to any number of oral health problems over time. We very much want to help patients overcome their dental anxiety because we want everyone to be able to visit the dentist regularly. Helping you with dental anxiety is one way we help keep your smile healthy, and by offering sedation dentistry, we can ease your fears.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Using oral sedatives, we can help you achieve a level of peace and calm in the dental chair that you may have never known before. While sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry,” sedation dentistry with oral conscious sedation doesn’t actually put you to sleep. In fact, you’re still able to respond to commands and questions during your procedures. Afterward, though, you might not remember a thing. For patients who have avoided dental care for years because of fear, oral conscious sedation dentistry has been a blessing.

We’re committed to helping patients experience comfortable dental care. It is possible! With sedation dentistry, we make it easy to come see us and receive the dental care you’ve been putting off due to fear. Contact Dothan Cosmetic Dentistry today to experience calm and relaxed dental care with sedation dentistry.